Our History

Our company has over a 20 year history in the ATM industry. We operate a regional network of ATMs that spans more than 400 miles. Our technicians can service machines from a variety of manufactures. Even our founder started as an ATM technician, and is not above going out and servicing our customers’ needs. It has always been our goal to make you feel like you are our number one customer, because you are.

We have had many customers that have been with us since the start. As a matter of fact, our very first ATM placement was in early 1995 and that customer is still is with us today. Don’t just take our word for it, we would be happy to provide a list of references.

Why Choose Us

It does not matter if you are looking to own your own ATM, or just have one there for your customers, we can provide the best overall program to suit your needs. PocketCash ATMs provides businesses with an opportunity to increase monthly revenue at no cost, with the added benefit of payments to the site owner, under flexible profit sharing arrangements.

We also have our mobile ATMs that we can bring to you to provide money for those special events. Learn more about our Mobile ATMs.