Mobile ATMs

HandMoneyIconPocketCash ATMs has managed the placement of hundreds of mobile ATMs. Many of our long standing customers include St. James Art Show, The PGA Masters, and Abby Road on the River.  From large to small venues, we can provide a solution to fit your ATM needs. With over a decade of providing mobile ATMs we have fine tuned our planning and delivery. We provide unmatched support and reliable ATM solutions for your event, anytime, anywhere.

“Your tech Chris was amazing. On call with everything and very helpful.”– Sal Urso, PGA Operations Manager.

With cash as the preferred payment method for special events, PocketCash ATMs is here to provide your customers with easy access to cash. Web monitoring allows us to  ensure quick response times, and limit any downtime. Our team of ATM techs are on call for all hours of your event and our support staff is keeping an eye on the units. With this support system, we can ensure that your customers have the cash, when they need it.

  • 78% of money dispensed from the ATM is spent at the event.
  • Increase vendor sales
  • Weather resistant ATM enclosures
  • Complete turnkey solution
  • Support staff, with web monitoring and tech on call
  • Wireless communication
  • Limited power needs
  • Small footprint for easy placement
  • Multiple units available

Not only does PocketCash ATMs offer all this, our patrons will have to opportunity to share in the profit. Each event is unique, and we will help you devise a plan. Everyone of our ATMs is mounted in a weather resistant booth and can function on wireless communication, and basic power. Unlike many other ATM companies, we do not need you to jump through hoops. Just let us know when and where, and we will handle the rest.

Give us a call, and let us show you how easy it is to put money into your event.