ATM Processing

PocketCash ATMs processing platform works with one of the the most advanced ATM networks available in the industry. Our direct relationship with Columbus Data and local networks allows for an increase in completed transactions. Customer transactions are run in a matter of seconds via a land line, wireless phone, or high speed internet. Customers are able to perform cash withdraws, balance transfers, and inquiries from both checking and savings accounts.

With our ATM processing program, your business will retain 100% of your surcharge revenue. If you have purchased equipment from another company, then we can reconfigure it so that you can take advantage of our program and increase your revenue. We also can provide web monitoring so you will have the ability to watch your ATM and run reports. This allows you to track the transactions, and ensure that you’re being paid what you should be. Owning an ATM is simple, finding a company that is transparent is not. Let us show you that we are the kind of company that you can trust.