Mobile ATMs

PocketCash ATMs has been offering mobile ATMs for over two decades.  Our mobile ATM programs continue to grow, and our customers return year after year. There are many advantages to PocketCash ATMs mobile program.  Our ATMs comes with a 100% weatherproof customized enclosure,  a small 36” square footprint, 15’ ATM flags for extra visibility, and wireless communication. Our wireless communication system allows us to process ATM transactions at internet speeds while utilizing wireless technology. This system gives the ATM the ability to text our technicians if the ATM encounters any problems, putting us on notice within seconds rather than minutes or hours. This coupled with quick response time allow us to maintain an uptime second to none.

Cash loading and a dedicated ATM technician for all hours of the event are just some of the benefits that dealing with PocketCash ATMs brings.

Give us a call, and let us show you how easy it is to put money into your event.